Satrudays in Federal Way

Saturdays in Federal Way
Kyokushin Karate 10am-11am
Kumite Kyokushin 11am-1pm

Asain Pacific Championships

Congratulations to Sensei Keith on 3rd place in the 1st Asain Pacific Championships. Also congrats to Austin for competing in the tournament, while he did not place he did show his Kyokushin spirit in stepping onto the mat and competing.

The tournament was attended by 16 countries and over 125 fighters.


Tuesday and Thursday Classes are now being held in Federal Way. 7-9pm
Location 29500 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way

Monday class at Yesler is now starting at 6am.

Now Training at Yesler Community Center

We are now training at YESLER COMMUNITY CENTER. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday 7-845pm. Registration can be done either at the front desk or online at City of Seattle - CLICK HERE - search for kyokushin in the classes (easiest way to find the classes. $25/$50 4 classes or month

Best deal on quality martial arts classes in the area!

New/Potential members come try a class or 2 for free.

Kyokushin Challlenge 2013

Date has been set and we are a go for April 13th 2013

Northwest Kyokushin Challenge.