Q: When is class?
A: Class is 7-pm on Tuesdays and Thursday in Federal Way. Mondays 6-8pm in Seattle. Kumite class is 1030a-1230pm on Saturdays, with approval from Sensei.

Q: I have no martial arts experience, is that OK?
A: Yes, regardless of your experience you will be welcome in class. Everyone, at one time had no experience.

Q: When can I start?
A: You can begin your training with us at anytime.

Q: Can I come on a Saturday if I don't know how to fight?
A: Yes, however due to location, Saturday attendance must be arranged with Sensei before attending.

Q: Can I come watch, and see what the class is like?
A: Anyone is welcome to come and watch for free during any of the class times. It is important to visit a class before you join. Not every Style, Dojo or Instructor are the same.

Q: I trained with another Kyokushin group, may I come?
A: Yes, Kyokushin is Kyokushin, everyone is welcome to train regardless of affiliation with Kyokushin or other Martial Art style.

Q: What can I expect in a typical class?
A: While no two classes are the same, they do follow a general format. We begin with cardio and strength exercises, followed by kihon(basics). In the second half of class we will cover kata, self defense, kumite, flexibility etc.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Federal Way location $85/month or $100 for 8 class punch card. $100 Registration fee, includes dogi (uniform and international membership due after 1st month of training). Yesler Community Center Seattle $25/month.

Q: Are there any other fees? Grading?
A: Yes, for kyu (under black belt) the fee is $40 which includes certificate and belt. Typically 2 gradings per year. Black Belt fees will be made known to those who are preparing for their tests. Typical time from beginning to black belt is approximately 4 years.

Q: What if I don't have a gi or any equipment?
A: You don't need a gi and you don't need any equipment to start out. Just show up in clothes you can work out in. All necessary equipment can be purchased through Sensei.

Q: What if I am not in shape?
A: We'll work on that. Everyone has a starting point, we will go from there.

Q: What if I am really uncoordinated?
A: We can help. Don't expect it to come overnight.

Q: What if I have a medical condition? (Such as existing injury, asthma, etc)?
A: Be sure to inform Sensei or the person leading the class. You know what you can or can't do. If you are unable to do a technique or exercise, don't. Most all issues can be dealt with in some manner, modifications/adjustments can be made as appropriate.

Q: Will I get beat up the first day?
A: No. We are nice to new people. Learning martial arts is a process.

Q: Do you compete in tournaments?
A: Yes, both instructors and kyus(non-black belts) in our dojo compete internationally in full contact (knockdown) tournaments. Participation in tournaments is strictly voluntary and requires intense training outside of class. Remember our focus is on real life self-defense.

Q: Do you do "point sparring?"
A: No. Like all Kyokushin, we are a full contact dojo. But you are welcome to go to any tournament you would like.

Q: Do you do Kata?
A: Yes. We are a traditional system, which therefore includes Kata.

Q: How do I test for belt rank?
A: Belt tests consist of cardio, kata and fighting portions. Testing for blue belt requires: membership in the club and International Kyokushin, knowledge of the first three katas and completing two full contact two-minute fights. Higher ranks have greater requirements.

Q: I only want to come for Kumite class, can I?
A: Generally, if you are coming to Kumite class it is expected you are also attending regular class as well. However, exceptions can be made, speak with Sensei for approval.

Q: I have a gi or uniform from another system. Can I wear it?
A: Yes. That is fine, but please speak with Sensei Keith before first time in class.

Q: What belts are there?
A: Our order of belts are: white, blue, yellow, green, brown, black. There are degrees of black.

Q: How do I address the Black belts?
A: You should use the title and then the name, ie Sensei Keith. Shodan (1 Gold bar) and Nidan (2 gold bars) are addressed as Senpai (Sempai). Sandan (3 Gold bars) and Yondan (4 Gold bars) are Sensei. Godan (5 gold bars) and above are Shihan. The president of the organization is Kancho Matsushima.

Kyokushin Seattle is a member of NW Kyokushin under Shihan John Adams and IKOK - Matsushima